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About us

Makes the rainbow motor co., LTD is located in China's small and medium-sized motor——Mastery(China's small and medium-sized motor,The award by China machinery industry federation),Mainly engaged in silicon steel production、Agents and shear、Stamping processing business。In the company2011Integration was established,The registered capital500Wan,Its predecessor is engaged in the silicon steel production trade20Years,Is the domestic well-known electrical steel industry comprehensive service provider,The market extremely influential in the industry。 Now has makes the rainbow motor co., LTD: Two press center( Mastery、Wuxi); Five marketing center(Shanghai、Jiangsu、Zhejiang、Fujian、Guangdong); Has an annual production20Ten thousand tons of motor iron core laminations, Annual sales of all kinds of silicon steel products60Ten thousand tons of comprehensive ability。 Is the domestic well-known electrical steel industry comprehensive service provider。

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